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Brilliant Triad


Lakewood, NJ

Overview and Goals:

Brilliant Triad is a high-end home goods store that specializes in furniture, lighting, and bedding. Their products are carefully curated to provide unique and high-quality options for customers who want to create a modern and regal atmosphere in their homes. In addition to their branding and marketing efforts, Brilliant Triad offers personalized design consultations to their customers. This service allows customers to work with a professional designer to create a cohesive and stylish look for their homes.


When creating the brand identity for Brilliant Triad, the focus was on creating a modern and regal look that would represent the quality of their products. The logo, designed with two letter Bs arranged to form a triangle, is a perfect representation of the brand's commitment to quality and design. The triangle shape represents the "triad" element of the brand, while the two Bs stand for the word "brilliant". The use of three shades of blue in the logo gives it a sophisticated and upscale feel, while the geometric shapes add a modern touch.

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