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The Gifted Baby NY


Brooklyn, NY

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The Challenge:

The Gifted Baby NY is a renowned brand that specializes in creating beautiful accessories for newborns. Their product range includes hospital hats, swaddles, and other high-quality designs. The company offers various services like personalization and gift registries.

Recently, the company approached me to refresh its brand while still retaining its original logo and identity. They were looking for a new look that would keep up with the market trends while retaining the charm and appeal that their customers had grown to love. I was thrilled to be a part of this project and excited to help them achieve their vision.

The Process:

After finalizing the design direction, I started developing the visual identity for The Gifted Baby NY. I modernized the old logo by simplifying it and using a fresh baby blue and pink color palette along with neutral colors to balance it. I also included a gifting ribbon as a brand asset that could be used across various touchpoints. I created a stunning pattern that could be used on various accessories and marketing materials, as well as baby illustrations. I chose complimentary fonts that were playful and easy to read.

"We are thrilled to have Shira as our designer! Her skills are unmatched, and her dedication to our project has been exceptional. From the very beginning, we knew that choosing her was the right decision. Her patience and creativity have made the design process a breeze. We can't imagine what we would have done without her."

Testing, Refinement, and Delivery:

Once the visual identity was developed, I collaborated with an experienced web designer to create a stunning website that would showcase The Gifted Baby NY's products and brand identity. We tested the website across various devices and browsers to ensure that it was user-friendly and effective.

The new visual identity were implemented across various touchpoints, including packaging, marketing materials, social media, and the website. The new look was a hit with The Gifted Baby NY's target audience, and they were thrilled with the results!

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