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Baby Boutique

Passaic, NJ

Overview and Goals:

Wonderfly approached me with a vision to create a logo and branding for their upscale baby boutique in Passaic. They wanted their brand to be known for its gifting and elegance while also having a touch of whimsy. My task was to create a logo and branding that would reflect these values and help them stand out in the industry.


I started by conducting research on Wonderfly's competitors and analyzing their branding strategies. This helped me to identify the trends and styles that are popular in the industry. Then, I created several design concepts for the logo that were based on the company's vision and mission. After several iterations, we finally selected a design that featured a simple butterfly in the shape of a "W" for Wonderfly. I then chose a pastel color palette to convey the brand's elegance and sophistication. For the branding, I used a simple and elegant font that complemented the logo design. I also created a set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency in all marketing materials.

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