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E -commerce

Brooklyn, NY

What is ASGTG?

ASGTG is a company led by Ed Rosenberg that aims to prevent the dreaded Amazon suspension notification by keeping up-to-date on the most relevant and impactful compliance rules and crackdowns. Amazon Sellers Group has quickly exploded from a handful of sellers to thousands of sellers, including many of the top 200 Amazon sellers.

The Challenge:

As ASGTG continued to expand, Ed realized that his branding needed to be updated. His old logo and overall look were no longer keeping up with the current trends and were not representing the brand effectively. After working with Zebra Design Studios for the 2023 ASGTG sellers event, Ed approached me with his vision for a new logo and brand identity. The goal was to create a recognizable and consistent brand identity that would be used across various platforms, such as posts, websites, and events in the Amazon world.

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When I designed the new logo for ASGTG, my main focus was effectively conveying the company's values and mission. The font used in the logo was carefully selected to represent the idea of trust, while the icon, which is a link, represents the company's role as a support group for Amazon sellers. The incorporation of arrows in the logo symbolizes growth and signifies the company's dedication to helping Amazon sellers expand their business. Additionally, the logo features hidden ASG letters, adding a personal touch and making it unique to the company.

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"I'm thrilled with your work on our new logo and brand identity. You've truly captured the essence of ASGTG and exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this project."

- Ed Rosenberg

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